Renodis, a leading telecom management firm, today announced they have acquired a significant stake in RCN Technologies, a high growth provider of 5G and LTE enablement solutions, and RTech, an emerging leader of ‘all in one’ wireless connectivity Solutions-as-a-Service, both headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. Together, Renodis, RCN, and RTech provide seamless, full spectrum wireless communications solutions for enterprises seeking advanced technologies and innovative turnkey ‘as-a-service’ solutions.

Craig Beason, CEO and Owner of Renodis commented, “Our investments in RCN and RTech represent our third and fourth acquisitions on our continuous growth journey, and position Renodis as a leading provider of 5G and LTE enablement solutions. Renodis’ most important priority has always been ensuring the resiliency of our clients’ connectivity, advising on the right technologies, and providing best-in-class managed solutions. These investments mark a very important milestone in our continuous effort to ensure our clients have access to the industry’s best outcomes, greatest resiliency, and lowest costs, but we are just getting started! We look forward to continuing Renodis’ growth through strong customer relationships, meaningful partnerships, and strategic acquisitions in the months and years to come.

Geoff Yearack, Co-Founder of RCN and RTech Solutions adds, “We were looking for a partner to help us broaden our ability to bring real impact to enterprises through our 5G LTE enablement solutions and to fuel the growth of our POTS replacement and other managed “as a service” solutions. Renodis is the perfect partner to help us solve the complex enterprise challenges faced by our clients, and with Renodis’ support we intend to continue to bring innovative and leading 5G and LTE enablement solutions to the market.

For 20 years, Renodis has paved the way in client-centric connectivity technology solutions, driving a shift to end-to-end outsourced management. With solutions focused on Consulting, Sourcing, Lifecycle Management, and Expense Management Renodis serves our client’s full telecommunications and mobility environments. The Renodis Promise is to free IT leaders from telecom frustration while saving time, money, and increasing productivity.

Minneapolis based Cherry Tree & Associates served as the investment banking advisor on the transaction.

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