Privacy Policy

Cherry Tree & Associates seeks to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality to safeguard the privacy of each of our clients. We do not disclose client information to anyone, except as required to perform our services for a client, where a client gives specific consent, or as permitted or required by law. Our privacy policy applies to current and former clients, as well as potential future clients.


Regulatory Matters

Cherry Tree & Associates is an SEC registered broker-dealer. We are not a retail broker-dealer, and do not solicit or carry accounts for, or offer or sell securities products to retail customers. Cherry Tree & Associates is regulated by FINRA and is a member of SIPC. This website is designed for informational purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation or offer by Cherry Tree & Associates or its affiliates to buy or sell any securities, futures, options, foreign exchange or other financial instrument or to provide any investment advice or service.


Anti-Money Laundering

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law now requires financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each party who becomes a client. In the case of entities, this would include any parties that own 25% or more of such entity.


Business Continuity Plan

Cherry Tree & Associates has developed and implemented a Business Continuity Plan designed to address and mitigate the potential consequences of a significant business disruption with a goal of recovering the key aspects of our business within 24 hours or less. Our Business Continuity Plan addresses the following: data back-up and recovery; all mission critical systems; financial and operational assessments; alternative communications with clients, employees, and regulators; alternate physical location of employees; critical supplier; contractor and bank impact; and regulatory reporting. We do not require actual physical office space to ensure to the continuity of our operations during a dire emergency and for short periods of time. We review our Business Continuity Plan annually to modify it for any changes in our operations, structure, business or location. If you have questions regarding our Business Continuity Plan, please contact our compliance officer at compliance@cherrytree.com or at (952) 253-6007.


Relationship Summary

Cherry Tree & Associates’ relationship summary contains important information about our firm including questions to help our clients begin discussions with us about our relationship with them including our services, fees, costs, conflicts and disciplinary information.

You can find our Relationship Summary here.
You can find our Regulation Best Interest Disclosure Supplement here.

Cherry Tree & Associates provides investment banking services through our FINRA-licensed broker dealer.